Oh, Holy one

March 3, 2008
By Laurie Dickerson, Cedar Springs, MI

We all enjoy drinking beverages, in fact we love it. What other choice do we have? It’s a life necessity. Life is full of extreme problems, but we all know that drinking is not usually one of them. Well, my story is just that. I am living, breathing, proof that this can in fact be an extreme problem.
On a dark and dreary day while innocently working at Applebee’s, I got really thirsty as happened most days. I wanted the drink, I needed the drink, and it was calling to me. To quench my thirst, I went into the kitchen to get an iced tea. I went to get a straw to put into my cup, and then it happened. I pushed it down on the cold, clammy, counter top to get the wrapper off. It took all the strength in my body to get it off. It was sealed tight like a safe, and so without realizing it, I created a tiny hole in the straw.
Unknowingly, I resumed my spot at the host stand, eagerly awaiting more customers coming into the restaurant and saying “This is smoking I said non-smoking you moron.” I smiled and replied, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but around the bar is, in fact, non-smoking.” Yes the customers, I’m always ready to satisfy their needs. After cleaning off a few tables with babies that get more macaroni noodles and chicken nuggets on the floor than in their mouths, I realize that I would like my drink now. I rush up to the host stand and get ready for that sweet tea to fulfill my needs, I take a sip and…. nothing, absolutely nothing. Stunned at the horrific incident, I try again… and again. Every time I get nothing. Stunned and completely disappointed at this terrible horror, I give up. The event has internally scared me for life. I’ll never know just how great that drink would have been. If only the straw didn’t break, if only….

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