Iraq War =Energy Conversion

March 3, 2008
By Will Smith, Ewell, NY

The United States of America’s debt is increasing this very moment. It is estimated to be at least $8 trillion dollars. The money we owe is tremendous, and the only way to stop it is with our help.

The Iraq war is a huge contribution to our debt. The debt has gone above $450 billion just for this one war. If we want to just decrease just one year’s worth of the war debt, we would have to stop the funding of the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Energy, Interior, Treasury, the EPA, and NASA combined (James McGovern, New York Times). This is not possible. The senate is the only group that can stop this war.

With the oil prices constantly increasing, the United States needs to start using other devices that will help the country save money. By switching from a Mercedes-Benz convertible that can go 20 miles per gallon to a Hybrid car that can go up to 35 miles per gallon, you just saved yourself from spending a lot of money. Head start you will generally pay more, but at the end there will be more money in the pocket. Your car can now travel 150% longer, so every three times the Mercedes-Benz convertible would go to the gas station, your new Hybrid would go twice. You just saved yourself probably $40-$80. Then when you go the second time you saved yourself that same amount.

Also if you changed some household supplies you can save yourself tons of money as well. An example would be light bulbs. By switching from an ordinary light bulb to a fluorescent light bulb you will save tons of money on your next electric bill. The use 75% less energy, last 10 times longer, and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other nuclear wastes in the atmosphere. Also, even though they start out more expensive, they save you money in the long run. In the end you will be saving yourself $46.60. (

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