New Year Resolutions

March 2, 2008
By Stine Palmer, Indre Arna, ZZ

This year my New Year resolution was simple: Independence.
A strange resolution you might think, but really not.
As a young adult, the most important for me is precisely my independence, so why not make that my New Year resolution?
Though it might be difficult to really understand how Independence can be a resolution on the line with “loose weight” and “quit smoking”.
It is really a long term resolution, with future plans of being able to go abroad by my self, to really know myself and trust myself even when I am alone. So I have to start out small. As any other person, I am a creature of habit, so doing new things is difficult for me.
I had to start small, and it took me almost two months to get going on it. It all started with going to the cinema alone. Not much you might think? But it is.
I am paranoid, not clinically or anything, but paranoid after watching too many thrillers and other scary films. And with rapists, abductors, and murderers, who can really blame me?
It is a wonder we even leave the house, but then most violence and murders happen at home, where can we really be safe???
But back to the resolution, I decided to start small; going to the cinema or taking a cup of coffee alone, all by myself. It is new to me; I have always had friends with me when I go out, and all of the sudden I do it by myself. Just like it will be when I go to other places, before I get to know people. It is the best way to get to know people, because you are not hold back by travelling with friends.
It was a Sunday, the day decided to start my resolution.
It all started going wrong as soon as I opened the front door, it rained buckets and hurricane wind blew me around. The train was late. I could not help feeling like the whole world tried to tell me not to go. But I did go, and I am very glad I did. Because of the train delays I had less time to get to the cinema, and therefore half ran threw the whole city, only to be there almost an hour before the film started. When I got in, things finally started going right.
I was seated right in the middle. Have you ever played the cinema commercial game? The one where you “get” the company the commercial is for?
Going solo, makes it much more fun: you get everything! You do not get jealous of the others you are with, because you get it all…
You also can watch the film in “silence” without annoying friends or them annoying you by commenting and talking threw the film.
When I got out, I was really proud! The weather was also light, sunny as if the whole world was smiling to me.

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Jojo said...
on Jan. 1 2017 at 1:14 pm
Man please?

vanshika said...
on Jan. 1 2016 at 8:59 am
This essay is not up to the mark......not too good

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