School Grading Policies

February 29, 2008
Many schools in the United States are changing their grading policies for the better of children. There are some problems for this change. Teachers are grading the students on how they have connections with the topic they are talking about and how the children are participating.
Some positive things are the students will know how and what to improve on in the future. The report card can be up to 7 pages long. They talk about their social and behavioral skills. I agree with this argument because it will help the students see how well they are doing.
They will see comments that are good and some comments that they will have to improve on ; and will know how to improve their grades. The teachers will tell them how to improve their grades and their knowledge. This is a goal too give more information to parents to know about how well their child is doing.
Most of the parents today don’t know how well their child is doing in school. If schools don’t offer information that is simple, they will end up creating more barriers, especially in cities like Hartford where many of the students come from families where English is not the first language.
Some negative things are that it is harder for the teachers because the new report card is so long they now have to pay closer attention to the students so they can add details to the kids’ report cards.
It could also be bad for the students because some students don’t want their parents to see how bad they are doing in school. Overall it’s the right choice to do so the students can improve their grades in school.

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