A Word Rarely Used

February 28, 2008
By mariana romero, San Marino, CA

A word rarely used, if you say it people laugh trying to shake off the awkwardness of it. It is too strong. Only the brave can say this to another person. A word that you use to describe a puppy trapped in a glass cage. Wouldn’t it be nice if a mother could say this word to their child who is in need of it. The child who wants to be smothered in words such as this to hide their ugly feelings. A diamond from Tiffany’s luring the unable buyers into the too bright store. How precious? That word can easily break and all you find is a hollow chocolate inside. A friendship tainted with drugs and boys. The phone never rang. A smile, that morphs into a grimace the second the other does not smile. You look around staring at other peoples behavior trying to see who they are. But, people conceal it so very well, cover-girl deserves a medal. Little cousins, their innocence is so annoying yet powerful. You want to fill their minds with thoughts that will make them twist and turn in their sleep, I am jealous. I hate the way they still believe in Santa and believe shut up is the worst word imaginable. However, once my tongue lashes out and spits on their beautiful souls I want to cry. My friends tears are lovely in the sun. They sparkle like gems and I must say that they make her complexion even more lovely. The flowers in my back yard that always cry out for water from the constant tearing of the yard all due to my siberian huskies. The snow, when it is not brown with mud or heaven forbid yellow from the truck drivers lack of modesty, is a precious thing. You want to soak it up,and take it home with you never to melt. But, it always does. Beauty can never last forever. Botox can only paralyze for so long. Pictures can not hold this word, it is too heavy. The only thing you can count on is your memory to find all the precious things inside a person. Try to take those things you love and make it your own. Your cross your fingers hoping you have that charisma that intelligence, that courage to make you feel precious for 60 seconds. No matter all the words that your friends say, telling you that you have skinny legs, big lips, or amazing eyes, you secretly love it but you put them away in the darkest part of your memories the ones that never light up and are lost completely. Precious things have no cost, they will never stay precious forever, they will be lost somehow, so wait and see.

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