A Dream

February 27, 2008
By Lauren Stephens, Mattawan, MI

As I lay there in bed trying to go to sleep I was thinking. I was thinking about going to my cottage with my friends. I had everything ready but I was to excited to fall asleep. I was as excited as if a four year old would have been if he had a box full of chocolates. closed my eyes and started counting sheep, one sheep.... Two sheep.. Three sheeeeee....

When I woke up the next morning I heard someone fall down the stairs, thump... thump...figured it was just my brother Joey! He is so clumsy! For the past hour I took a shower,got ready for the day, and ate breakfast, I had eggs and toast! It was delicious! After breakfast my parents and brother put my bags in my PINK car. When we were done I turned to my parents and opened my mouth to say goodbye,

“Bye guys I will miss you and I love you!” My mom started crying and replied with a proud voice in her

“ I love you and i will miss you too! Please be careful!”

“ I will!”I hugged all of them and hopped in the car! I was on my way! Now I am on my way to Jessie's house where Jessie, Katie, Lexi,and Jennie should be!

When they finally were ready to go Jessie yelled out to me,“ Your car is like a pink flamingo!”
I replied back in a sassy tone,“Thanks! You wish you were me!” They all giggled and hopped in my car like they were kangaroos and we were on our way!

When we arrived at the cottage I just stared at it. It was so beautiful, the round tan wood glimmered off the sun. There was a beautiful rose path that led off to the beautiful blue lake. Don't know why people deserted it though, it's a gorgeous place! The creaking of each step I took on the porch filled my ears.

“Hey, can you guys take our stuff in the cottage and i will start making dinner?” I asked.
Katie answered back by shouting sarcastically, “Yeah why don't you just give us your arms then we'll do it!about you come unload with us and then we will all cook dinner!”
laughing my eyes out replied,“Sure!” Then we walked outside to unload our bags.

We sat down to eat dinner, we were having spaghetti with meat balls and garlic bread! Suddenly I heard something.

“What was that???” I screeched as I leaned over and squeezed Jessie's hand.

“Chill, its probably just a raccoon.” Jessie yelled suspiciously. Suddenly a bear came crashing through the door, all of us screamed!!! Jessie, Katie, Jennie,and I (Brookie) ran outside to the car. I looked to see if there was anymore bears coming and then we all jumped into the car. As I was driving I saw a shop and it was a Bear Hunter . I stopped by it and we walked in. There was old guy about in his sixties. He had gray hair and wore blue overalls with a red shirt underneath it. On his face he had a big, brown mole about the size of an eraser. couldn't believe my big, blue eyes because right next to him was Lexi, she was all scraped up and unconscious. We ran over over to her and the old guy told us,“ I found her lying right in the front of my truck. She really needs to go to the hospital.”

“Okay thanks” Jennie screeched because all of us couldn't believe what happened to Lexi. All of us gently picked her up and put her in the back seat of the car with Katie.
When we were about half way to the hospital I pulled over because Kaitie told me to even though I didn't want to. What we heard next made all of us cry,

“Her heart stopped...” said Katie crying...

Beep..beep.. I woke up to my alarm clock.

“ Was this just a dream?” I thought to myself???

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