Summer Programs

February 27, 2008
High school can be a pleasant and rewarding experience or a tortuous, demanding one. Through either experience, summer is always a long-awaited, relaxing time to forget about schoolwork. However, colleges offer programs that may take work, but do offer a fun challenge that definitely make memories.
These programs are usually offered to juniors, seniors, and sophomores that are academically eminent. While many of these sophomores are interested in these programs (whether they would like to admit it to their friends or not), there is one common hindrance: the cost of the program.
These programs, although many are worth it, cost thousands of dollars that people simply cannot afford, despite financial aid provided by the programs. This is a problem because many deserving, capable students cannot partake in these programs. Those without money miss out on the chance of a lifetime that they clearly earned.
While the price of the programs aren't going to go down any time soon and financial aid probably won't increase, what can students do? The answer is that we can do nothing about it, except raise the money ourselves, which is difficult in today's world.
Colleges must become aware of this dilemma, or face that they miss out on great students who would loke to partake in their programs. With all due respect to these colleges, it is their job to create a solution to a problem they started, or else except a gap in their system.

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