Tai Pei

February 23, 2008
By Courtney Jones, Cranberry Twp., PA

Restaurants are a fantastic hangout spot. Tai Pei, the charming Chinese restaurant, with an inviting atmosphere is my favorite. Linen table cloths and rainbow colored sushi surround you. It’s a place that’s compelling to the eye and has cuisine enticing to the stomach. Laughter occupies much of this “foodie” haven where hospitality is abundant. The alluring smells, mouth-watering tastes, and appealing sights has kept people coming back for more!
First, the various textures found in the restaurant are abundant. As you sit down, you immediately notice the soft texture of the linen table cloth. Then, the waiter hands you the auburn menu with a scaly cover like fish skin. The crisp, wet texture of the lettuce wrap appetizer gradually gains warmth from the spicy chicken mixture. The lettuce makes a tender crunch as you bite through its surface. Finally, the silky tangerine ice cream is presented with the sticky honey banana spring rolls.
Second, you will savor every piece of scrumptious Chinese food that enters your mouth. Mind blowing combinations such as banana spring rolls dance in your mouth like Patrick Swazy in Dirty Dancing! The flaky crust with a tender crunch and sweet honey coat your mouth comfortably. Another divine creation is there teriyaki salmon, bathed in a sweet glaze. It’s cooked to perfection and steamed vegetables accompany this tasty treat! In addition, crab rangoon is the essential appetizer to this delectable meal. Fried and filled with creamy crab meat and spices, this is a highlight on the menu. All of this fine cuisine will have you singing its praises.
Third, the eye-popping décor and fabulous colors of Tai Pei’s food give you a reason
to eat with our eyes first!! As you enter the restaurant, you immediately notice the sea foam green and dark chocolate colored backsplash that lines the bar. The bartender’s making a sunrise colored concoction. It’s adorned with pinks, yellows, oranges, and a ruby red cherry lounges on the bottom of the glass. Vivid shades of raw sushi are delivered to anxiously awaiting customers. Almost too pretty to eat, this raw delicacy is quickly consumed. It’s no wonder why the alluring colors are a major hit with customers.

All in all, Tai Pei is my favorite restaurant. From the neat consistencies, vivacious colors, and delicious food. I would definitely recommend you go and check out just what I’m talking about. It’s a foreign experience right here in Pennsylvania!!

Courtney Jones

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