February 21, 2008
By Kristen Dye, Buckhannon, WV

Popularity is such a fickle thing. Every girl's dream is to grow up be popular and be the prom queen but not everyone can be prom queen. I was one such little girl myself. But what does being popular mean? To some people it means having all of the cool freinds and wearing the most expensive clothes but to other people it means to stand out and to be noticed. I don't think anyone really even knows what it means to be truely propular. It's just something that exsists on television and in movies. Everyone's popular in their own way. Each person belongs to their own group of freinds and to those people you are everything. They love you no matter what and they would do anything for you. These are the only people who should matter in life. Stop trying to be something your not to fit in and just be the person you were meant to be because that is the most amazing thing any person could do. It's tough in high school most kids don't even really know who they are but thats why you need to stay true to yourself and don't change for anyone. If they don't love you for you, you don't need them anyway. Just be yourself and be happy.

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