Pop Sensation

February 21, 2008
By Annalise Wighaman, Porter, TX

Strolling through the mall I couldn’t help but overhear the young youth of today laughing as they pointed to the posters of the newest pop sensation and saying, “I wanna be just like her!” I began to laugh as I remembered also doing that but only to my idol, Ms. Britney Spears. “ America ’s sweetheart,” society and the latest issues of magazines called her, but now if anyone said that someone would sarcastically say, “More like America ’s psycho!” This is definitely not the case. The only problem we have today is that our generation only believes what the latest propaganda the major magazines we read seem to say. Well, of course, I mean some of it can be true, it’s just crazy how some times journalist blow things out of proportion. For example, today as I was grocery shopping I began to read the newest headlines and one said that Britney Spears mentioned that she didn’t want her children back. How preposterous is that? I mean what kind of person sits there and fights for her kids only to give up and let them go with a guy who is still calling himself K-Fed? So let’s try and get the facts straight on one of the best artist this great nation has had in a long time.

Spears’s downward spiral began with her 55 hour marriage on January 3rd, 2005 to her friend Jason Allen Alexander in Vegas which was annulled because she claimed she wasn’t in the right mind. Almost three months later, the famous K-Fed got involved with her and they decided to get married with a surprise wedding on October 6th. Jumping into things seemed like all Spears could do, but if only she could’ve known that Federline was the type of guy your dad would warn you about this would have been prevented. After the birth of both of her gorgeous baby boys, Spears filed for divorce from that monster, Federline. This spun up Kevin Federline, and he decided to hit her with his best shots.

Then without notice on January 21, 2007 she got the news of her aunt Sandra Bridges Covington’s death from ovarian cancer. Covington and Spears happened to be very close and the lose of her was too much for Spears to handle, which might have been her reason for enrolling in an off-shore rehab. center on February 16th, 2007 for less than 24 hours. The next day went down in the story books whenever Britney Spears began her first acts of relentless agony for her aunt’s death. That night she showed up at a hair-cutting studio in Tarzana , California and shaved her golden-brown locks off with clippers. After causing a media uproar, she admitted herself to another treatment center on February 20th, 2007 then momentarily left on February 22nd, 2007. During early 2007 Spears began a series of behaviors that stirred the media even more, making her the official headline for early 2007 then disappearing and making a comeback in the later months.

After a brief hit and run, Britney Spears attacked one of the retched paparazzi with an umbrella. As the battle for custody went strong, her closest friends began to get subpoenaed to testify against her, by Federline’s people. This back-stabbing was enough to set Britney over the edge. The judge ordered her to begin parent counseling and very random drug testing. On the night of January 3rd, 2008, the L.A.P.D. was called to Spears’s house when she refused to give the children to her ex-husbands carrier pigeons. They then hospitalized her, when she appeared to be “under the influence,” and for psychiatric assessment. Spears was released within the next two days.

After a hard 2007-2008, Spears found out her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, was pregnant with her high school sweetheart’s baby. This news put even more stress on the talented pop star, causing her relationship with her greedy mom more intolerable then ever. Mrs. Spears began to make her eldest daughters life a living hell, causing Britney to react in the usual teenage way.

In my opinion Britney Spears was just a pawn in the way of others getting more money. Without her we would not have the historic songs and events that everyone knows and loves. So please all I am asking is for everyone to leave the poor girl alone, I have now shown you there were good reasons for her behavior and it just be left alone and handled appropriately.

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