Let's Get Out of Here

February 20, 2008
By Seth Davis, Liberty, MO

“You are walking through the desert with your rifle and equipment, Suddenly Shots are being fired and around you your friends are being shot down, tanks are being blown up, more people are dying, and road side bombs are blowing up people, so you run then suddenly, Bam! Bam! Bam! You have been shot in the leg, arm, and back. You have been shot nearly 30 times. You close your eyes for the last time. You’re dead.” This is almost nearly every soldier’s nightmare in Iraq and for some this is true. We shouldn’t be in the war in Iraq.

If the United States doesn’t pull out of Iraq United States will be there for ten more years. Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi believes if we follow the plan of General Petraeus we will be in Iraq for ten more years. If we stay in Iraq we will be wasting more American lives. According to antiwar.com there have been 3,798 American casualties since the war started. They have also estimated that almost 27,398 troops will die if we stay in Iraq. If we stay in Iraq ten more years we lose thousands of lives it’s not worth it.

Not only are we losing lives, were losing money. If we stay in Iraq we will be spending more and more money on the war. The New York Times stated that 200 Billion dollars is given to the war in Iraq annually for weapons, tanks, planes, and more. This war has costed 1.2 trillion dollars in the first 4 years. If the war continues for ten years we will have spent total 3.6 trillion dollars! This money could go to healthcare, schools, shelters, and cures for diseases. We could be spending money on help that we need like help people live but no, George W. Bush, our so called “President”, is spending it on this war we have no reason to be in.

We are also having problems because it is a civil war. Iraq is in a civil war and will destroy itself and we are in the middle of the fighting. According to BBC TV.com a U.S. intelligence assessment calls what’s going on a civil war. They need to stop fighting before, we can help them.

Some people might disagree with pulling out of Iraq. They might say, “We should be in this war because Iraq attacked us on 9/11.” No they did not, that was al-Qaeda. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. “We need to help those people in Iraq and help build up a new government.” We have tried to help them but they won’t let us help them because some of the people in Iraq don’t want us to help them so they bomb our tanks, kidnap Americans and kill them, and they’re also in civil war and we are in the middle of it.”There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.” No there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq “President”, George W. Bush, lied to congress and the American people and told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and told everybody that “if you’re not with us you’re with the terrorists” Yeah Right. We went into Iraq and found no weapons of mass destruction. We found what the U.S. Army weapons we already have and we still bombed Iraq when there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That’s Criminal! You just don’t bomb a country after you found there were no weapons of mass destruction. “President “ Bush just destroyed Iraq for bombing it and put is in a war that many people are dying in, he should be arrested for war crimes.

These are very serious problems in Iraq and here in the United States we need to do something about it now. We need to pull out of Iraq because if we don’t we will be in Iraq for a long time. We need to do something and fast. I think that the American people need to vote on staying in Iraq or rally and protest like we did in the 60’s during the Vietnam War. Also “President” Bush should be impeached. Congress should get troops out faster than they are. We have been told that congress wants troops out of Iraq by June of 2008 and send Special Ops into Iraq secure the area. We should have done that year’s ago. Congress needs to get people out of Iraq they have more power than “President” Bush. It’s now or never.

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horsesrock!! said...
on May. 13 2010 at 7:07 pm
This was really good. I'm doing a similar subject for my persuasive essay in school. This helped me a lot.

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