February 20, 2008
From the second I wake up in the morning, until the minute I fall asleep, music is my No. 1 priority.
Music to me is more than just the sounds of beats and rhythms.
It is the depth of the lyrics and the guitar solo that once I hear it, gives me an undeniable sensation.
From rock to rap, music always carries a strong meaning behind it. I love when something great happens and I’m happy, and I can relate to a song on my iPod.
It adds to the emotions that I am feeling at the time. The same thing can be said when I am feeling down. Listening to music that explains my feelings makes me feel like the band wrote that song about my life.
Certain songs mean more to me than others do and are more important.
For instance, when I found out that my dad had died, that same moment I had heard those words from my mom, a song came on the radio in the background. It added to the atmosphere and gave that song more meaning.
It made me feel like music was trying to help me get through that ordeal, and since then, it has always been there for me.
It’s weird because when I hear an amazing song I get tingles that run through my whole body.
When I love a band or some piece of music so much that it hurts, that’s when you really know that you truly love music.
No matter what genre you listen to, music can be your biggest escape from reality.
It takes you to a different realm of your own thoughts and memories. It’s when you get into a beat; your fingers start tapping and head starts bobbing. It just happens sub-consciously.
Music lets you express your emotions without having to talk to anybody. You don’t have to worry if people think you are weird for having certain feelings.
Music speaks for you. It is always with you, in your car or your headphones when you are home alone.
So, the next time you are feeling extremely happy or really sad, plug in your headphones and have a visit with your true friends.

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