Message From One Friend to Another

February 20, 2008
By Elijah Barrera, Glendale, AZ

Never in my life have I lost a close friend. But I hear the stories of other people and how they lost one of their best friends. Its not something you ever wanna see or hear. I am glad I havent had to experience the feeling of losing someone that I care about, to a careless act of judgement. Too many times have I heard people say "Come on lets go out and party." I am not all innocent and I admit that I have been to a couple of parties but have never been involved in the party scene like I hear most people are. I guess with the events that have occurred in my life it has made me think twice about getting "s*** faced" in front of people that I dont even know, yet alone the people I care about. Another thing too is stupid people think its koo when they try to be the "big and baddest" and shoot up a party. Is it really worth your life to drink away the night not knowing what is coming next. One party is never safe and is always a target for disaster. Again, some people may think differently than I do which is koo, but I am your myspace buddy and I just wanted to express how I feel. No, I am not a goody good, its called being a true friend looking out for his other friends. The only reason I wrote this was because I had someone hit me up wishing it was friday, which to them meant "Time to party." Life has more to offer than a party, be creative find something to do with your friends. But you live your life how you want i am just sharing my experience, some people need to hear it to really think about whether it is really worth it or not. But this is whatever, you can listen or you dont. Its just a message from one friend to another.

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