Dealing With Life

February 17, 2008
By mara mellinger, AURORA, CO

Do we all have the same amount of time?
We waist life with worrying,deppresion and sadness, or some people waist life by
Not living it to the fullest or not doing things they love and want to do.
Do you live your life by someone else?
In life we all face the same tests but in different order. We all loose and gain friends.
We all live and die. We all cry and laugh. We all lost and loved. If you think about it were all kind of alike because we all are expected of the same things to finish high school and go to college. But see that’s when were all put through a test because you need certain things in order to make it.

Have you ever looked at the clock and wished the time would pass or the day would be over. Maybe because you were tired or having a bad day.
But you need to think that you can never go back. You can never repeat the day.
So every day should be like your last every day you should smile and not be sad because if you really think about it life is really too short to be sad all the time.
Dance to music, go out with your friends, take a shower, or be with that one person,
Just do whatever you can that makes you laugh and smile.
Enjoy life. Not because you have to but because you want to.

Never let someone tell you , you cant do something because you can make anything have any amount of money follow your dreams its just are you willing to make it. It wont be easy, it wont be fast, but if you keep it cool and enjoy it you’ll have a lot of fun. Depression is hard to deal with trust me ive been there done that but every step of the way I held my head high. And walked through it. There’s breakups makeup’s . trust and loss. There’s fake and real but you need to realize there’s things you have to go through to make you stronger.
So live with every moment.
Love with every second.
And be happy when ever you can.

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