The Word Sorry

February 15, 2008
By Nina Adame, Ingleside, TX

People has said sorry to me plenty of times but I know they never mean it.But I don't care because I will just get over it."Sorry" is just a word for "I'm goin to tell you the same thing later untill it gets on your nerves."Some people just tell you sorry so you can feel better. I bet you think and say it does. But I think you are just covering your feelings.Somewhere in your head you know there just going to do the same thing over and over agin.Believe me and my friend Dacey we know because it has happend to us theres plenty for you to know.Well we made a club at school it is called the Krej Club ok she had made a star out of paper it was so cool.Well it was our symbol for our club.But some boy stole the idea and started making them.So we got so upset with him.The day after he said sorry but we did't belive him.And what do you know after he said sorry he kept making them and sold them.It hurts us so bad.Because theres people like that in this world. And know we have know idea what to do,but we are working on it.No one knows what we have in store for or club,but I will keep everyonein check on are new club.

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