My Missing Sock Investigation

February 14, 2008
By Emily Holland, Milpitas, CA

“One sock, two sock, three sock, where’s four?” I asked confusingly. I wondered where my sock went. Usually I put 4 socks in the wash. Although I had no idea where my dear
number four sock went. I searched high and low, left and right, I even went outside! After
my desperate search, I thought about if someone stole my sock, so I planned an investigation. Perhaps someone stole my hosiery, my sock shrunk, or my foot wear grew some legs and walked away or in other words magic. Who knows? I was desperate to find out what happened to my sock.

A week later another sock went missing! Were my short stocking being stolen? Perhaps the criminal is wearing my socks! Or they are stealing them just because they want to prank me. Who was it? The suspects, my friend Tara, my dad, or my dog. (Sometimes my dog eats laundry.) I asked my friend first. She replied “I would never do that. I have enough socks.” I believed her. Then I went to my dad. He replied “Emily you wear pink, socks that smell like cucumber melon perfume. Why would I want to steal them?” once again I believed him; after I watched my dog carefully for a whole week. My dog didn’t take the sock! I figured nobody burglarized my beloved sock.

All of a sudden, I thought what if I implant a micro camera in my sock. Although before I perform my scheme, I needed to check if the washer is shrinking my socks. First, I put in a testing sock. This article of clothing was raggedy and dirty. I inserted the dirty rag sock and the results were confusing. When I took out my sock I discovered the testing object shrunk only a half of a millimeter. This meant the washer wasn’t shrinking my socks. My plan B didn’t work; perhaps scheme C will bring me the whereabouts of my missing socks. “Plan C must work this time or I will never find my lonely socks!” I shouted.
Carefully I inserted the micro camera into my testing sock. I wasn’t willing to lose one of
my good socks. After I put in the recording device, I left the sock in the laundry room for
one night. Just to make sure my socks are not just walking away by magic. As I waited, I
played a board game with my friend, Tara. Then Tara noticed something, my sock moved! This time my sock was in a chamber of some sort. I tried to recognize where that
area was located. After staring at the TV, the chamber started spinning! I realized my sock
was in the dryer! The question was, how did my sock get there? I rewinded the tape, Tara and I looked closely, someone put my sock in the dryer!

Who was the culprit? We looked closer the person looked like my mother! Then I found
out that my mom put my socks in the dryer. I asked what happened to my two missing
socks. She replied” Honey, I put those socks in the dryer but, they shrunk. They were too
small for you so I gave them away.” Once I found what happened, I laughed as Tara chuckled. My mom said I was crazy, because my socks were missing and I made a
complicated investigation. I agreed with her. I guess next time I should time I should ask
my mom what happened. After all that commotion, I noticed one of my shoes went
missing. Although this time I did not even bother.

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