Music To My Ears

February 14, 2008
By sam blahnik, Racine, MN

Someone cracks a ridiculously corny joke. It’s lame, stupid, and so completely unfunny, and yet, you feel convulsions of laughter reverberating through your chest, till you can’t help it any longer. Great, whooping bellows of sound surge out your mouth, your chest heaves in and out, and your head tilts back, allowing the sound waves to echo loud and clear into the air above your head. This is commonly acknowledged by most laughter analysts as the classic laughter pose. As one of the most unappreciated and undervalued attributes of the human being, it is high time someone gainfully acknowledged and paid homage to the wonderful, unique, and unreservedly delightful noise of laughter. Laughter is a form music that makes all of life worth living.

Have you ever realized or comprehended that laughter is different for each and every person? It is an individual’s undocumented thumbprint. You hear a laugh, and you picture a person. Each person’s is so completely unique and inimitable to their selves’, that it is near impossible to duplicate, though many try to replicate the expressly different. The thing is, you just can’t, and that’s what makes our own laughter so revered.
Try as much as your apt minds can to envision this world on which we dwell without so much as a trifling trill of laughter. All jokes, if there were any in existence, would be met with a firm wall of stone. Not one polite chuckle would escape from this testing, taxing, desolate state of being. Mouths would be a firm, straight pen stroke guided by a ruler, no longer the intermittent children’s scribble prone to unexpected juts full of gleaming teeth. The world could, quite literally, hear the crickets chirp, and the church bells ring, to the farthest corners of the earth. We think silence is a blessing, and God knows we each need our own time in solitude to mull over the intricate issues of our lives, but too much quiet and stillness can easily become overpowering. Of course we would still talk, but I strongly believe our voices would transform into gloomy murmurs and mumblings, for I have noticed that laughter inspires loudness from the gregarious and introverted alike. Without laughter, the world would transform into an eternal funeral. The only difference being, instead of one corpse, there’d be billions.
Laughter is a form of music, whether you’d like to believe that, or not. True, it can’t be played on an instrument, or written down note for note. It can’t even be called upon at will. That is the sheer beauty of it, and what makes it true music. It requires a source to trigger it into existence, so that when it comes, bursting rich and full of life, we know that it is the real thing, and not some fake, generic, plastic wrapped replica of an ideal gift. Laughter is true music; a music that will reverberate throughout the entirety of the world long after our personas diminish. Laughter is a prolonged, everlasting collage of chords that when combined, sound like music to anyone’s ears. You just have to listen, smile, and appreciate.

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