February 10, 2008
Is one a good athlete? Being a good athlete is very important, in high school. Being a good athlete takes many hours of training, and discipline. Being a good athlete requires a good diet, getting enough sleep, and practice.

First, a good diet is needed, so that you have enough energy to work hard. To get a good diet one should follow the food pyramid. One needs to get; wheats, grains, fruit, vegetables, meat, and poultry. Mostly one needs to get; pastas, bananas, soups, and steaks. That is how you should eat.

Second, one needs to get enough sleep. The recommended is eight to ten hours. Make sure, one has their homework is done so that one has more time to sleep. It helps if one has a good bed. So that is how one should get enough sleep.

Finally, one needs to go to practice. One should go to practice five to six days a week. Make sure you give a hundred and ten percent at every practice. Make sure to stretch, one can be a good athlete if one can not play. So make sure one goes to every practice, and try to do your best.

Being a good athlete requires; a good athlete, enough sleep, and practice. To get a good diet one must follow the food pyramid. One must get eight to ten hours of sleep. Also try to go to practice five to six days a week. So is one a good athlete?

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