February 6, 2008
By Alyssa Feliciano, New Windser, NY

Insecurities in teens are certainly justified in today’s society. The media shows the perfect image of a person. Peer pressure is everywhere is be cool and in. Everyone has his or her own idea of an ideal person that they should be. These ideals are of course impossible. If all of this wasn’t enough, schools are breeding zones for insecurities. The teens in high schools are brutal. They will find any tiny flaw in a person and pick on it for the 4 years of school. How can someone not be insecure when every day they are exploited in such a horrible way? What’s the result of these explorations?

Depression, self-hate and in worse cases Suicide, school shootings, and gangs. My question is, who was absent on the first day of kindergarten when the golden rule was, treat others the way you want to be treated. I’m not saying anyone has to be these great people who always help everyone and like everyone at school. The perfect school is unrealistic. I always felt if I were never rude to others, nobody would be rude to me. The other day one of my very good friends was picked on, for no reason other than his hair is a little long and he’s shy. I have never met a nicer person than this friend; he doesn’t deserve to be picked on. The rudeness and disrespect for others in teens overwhelms and frustrated me. It’s not wonder there are such anger kids in the world, who do horrible things to themselves.

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