You Want To Get High

February 5, 2008
By chase dunivan, Newalla, OK

Dude, do it! Nobody is going to notice. Just smoke some weed, it will make you feel better. Teen’s lives today are much harder than they used to be. Some kids may fall into the bad habits of other teens or may follow in their parent’s footsteps. They are put into pressure that some cannot handle without someone else’s help or guidance. Drug dealers just want your money, drugs affect you physical ability and mental ability, and also wreck your entire life. Teens would have a much easier life if they weren’t put into the pressure of selling or doing drugs.

Drug dealers will do anything to get money from you. Some may act as your friend for extreme lengths of time. Then when you trust them they will offer you the drug until you cannot refuse. They will tell you things like “everyone does it”, or “its cool to smoke weed. Then when you eventually try it, you will be hooked and then you start buying your drugs from your fake drug dealing friend. Others tell you its cool and everyone will laugh at you if you do not do the drug. To not be laughed at by everyone else, you try the drug.

When you get hooked on drugs, different motions happen to your body. Drugs can wear you out physically to the point were you can’t even run 20 feet without being tired. It affects you to where you are always tired and lazy, to the point where you don’t even care about school, jobs, or even family. You get so hooked that all you want is more of that drug and will do anything to get it. It can also affect you mentally to be on drugs for long periods of time. Some drugs even take over your whole body to the point

that you have no control. You want even more of that drug that you would even go to extreme lengths of hurting or even killing someone.

Drugs affect your daily life and can affect the way you live the rest of your life. When your on drugs or have them in your position, you are nervous around everyday people, but mostly the cops. People get arrested everyday from having drugs, and it affects their whole life. If you’re arrested, it’s hard to get a decent job. Nobody wants an offender of the law or a drug user working for them. You won’t even be able to get any job except for a fast food restaurant or a minimum wage paying job. You probably won’t even finish school if you’re on drugs, you will be too worried about what you’re going to do after school. Mostly, they can kill you. Many people die every year from all types of drugs that many people have never even heard of. If they could take it all back then they would but it is too late for them.

Teens are put under too much pressure from parents, family, and school. They do not need also their friends to put them under pressure from drugs and alcohol. Teenagers do not know whether to do drugs or not because everyone is filling their heads with thoughts that nothing is going to happen. Drugs drain your money, they affect your physical and mental abilities, and they affect the rest of your life. Drugs do not make you look cool or make you more popular, they hurt you.

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