No One Is Perfect

February 5, 2008
By Courtney Root, Hill City, MN

Why is it that all the really hot guys go for the prettier girls and not the ones that have a little more chunk on them? I have always wondered about that since I got in high school. There are so many girls that wondered the same thing as I do, I am. I have always liked this really hot and sweet boy since I could remember. But has you can imagine he always goes for…

He has been there for me through everything. I mean we’re been really great friends but he doesn’t like me like the way I like him. He dates all the really pretty girls that have nothing to them. I feel that every time I see him with each new girl, I want to rip her head off and feed it to the sharks. I know that I can’t change his mind but I sometimes wish that he would go out with me and not the girls that are pretty, skinny and just beautiful.

I would like all the guys in the world to realize that not every girl has a super model figure. You can’t always get the things that you wish for in life. No one is perfect and we all know that but don’t we all wish that guys weren’t like this. So if you girls feel like this just know that you are not the only one out there in this lonely world.

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