This Land is Your Land

February 4, 2008
By Amy Trang, Moore, OK

Since the 1400s, people, such as Columbus, have been enticed by the west, seeking India or the Northwest Passage to the riches of Asia. It is no different today as people are still allured by the aura of the United States of America. Renowned as the land of the free and the home of the brave, many seek unlimited opportunities in its vast territory. As immigrants flood its shores, Emma Lazarus knighted America as the land of the wretched refuse and home of the homeless. Built on the foundation of immigration, the United States welcomes immigrants of all nationalities, except when they are illegal aliens. Then of course, we build a wall. However since they’re here already and seeking employment, it’s only polite to provide them the opportunity to build the wall for a minimum wage before returning home. This is America, where equality and diversity is priceless.
Welcome to America, the land of opportunity and free enterprise where anyone can make a living and create a business, like Sam Walton. In America, Wal-Marts sprout overnight in every suburb to eliminate the competition with its rock bottom discount prices. Who said smaller businesses don’t stand a chance? They can always make a profit by selling the, now in debt, corporation to Wal-Mart for a whole 75% market value. In the land of opportunity the doors open, then close with a bang for those who never saw it coming. This is America, where opportunity and free enterprise is everything.
In the United States of America businesses not only thrive, but fast food chains do amazingly well too. In America, food is abundant with a McDonald’s, Arby’s, Taco Bell, or Sonic in every street corner. With its golden arches in every town, city, and state serving from a dollar menu, it’s no wonder Americans love hamburgers and French fries from McDonald’s. It’s cheap, it’s fast, but is it low fat? Adjusting to American diet fads, fast food restaurants, like McDonald’s, have adopted salads, yogurt parfaits, and just about any low calorie, low carb, low fat bottled water on the market. Envious of the little effort third world countries put into keeping fit, Americans stick to the fat free ice cream and daily workout at the gym while reading the new South Beach or Atkins’ diet guide. In America, multimillion-dollar fast food chains reign supreme, as Americans have no time or money for a home cooked meal. This is America, where time flies and money hides.
As a world superpower, the United States has always acted as a peacemaker in the world’s political arena. America, the United Nations’ Headquarters, is an advocate of world peace while we support our troops in Iraq. As a civilized nation, the United States is rational, and does not support unjust imprisonment or torture, just ask the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Even the American public is amicable to those in need, except when they, themselves, are in need of their daily morning coffee at Starbuck’s or a Red Bull energy drink from the local gas station; they get kind of grumpy without the prescribe proper intake of caffeine. This is the United States of America, the land of reason and enlightenment.
As everyone can see, the United States of America, truly, is a dynamic country. This is the land of the free. This is the land of opportunity. This is the land of enlightenment. This is the land of power and wealth, but is this the land for you and me?

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