Where Is the Love?

January 18, 2008
By Alexandra Henry, Bronx, NY

I am absolutely not a rap lover. The only rap i ever listened to was from Eminem but that was a bit too long ago. Yesterday i was at my cousin's house and she was putting songs on her computer. The first one was that funny Christmas song that Mariah Carey sings and then she put that new song from Alicia Keys that seems to capture everyone's heart but it just bores me to death. I mean, dont get me wrong, i really like her voice but come on, that song is so incredibly boring and the topic is so common. Anyways, afterwards, Jessica, my cousin, put a Black Eyed Peas song. My first impression was "ugh, gross. That's rap". Jessica advised me that "Where is the love?" is a very good song and that i should listen to the words. "Nah. I'll just read the lyrics." was my response. The song was still going on though so i had no choice but to listen to the song.

It's amazing by how a hip hop group (or whatever they are) can think up of a song so different from the other songs they sang about or change the meaning i had of rap. Call me stereotypical but i thought rap was all about the girls, the money, and the sex. Well, i take that back. Actually only because of that Black Eyed Peas song. The thing is, in this society, people are lured by the "good stuff" and all they want to listen about is what the rap artists rap about. Many rap listeners wouldnt be fairly interested in listening to things about saving the world or decreasing poverty. Rap artists rap about the easiest thing because that is the easiest way to get money. I mean, they can even degrade the listeners (like in "this is why i'm hot. This is why you're not.) but either way people still buy the album only because the beat to the music sounds "cool".

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