We Love, We Lose, We Win, We Watch

January 18, 2008
By Moriah carlisle, Orlando, FL

We love, we lose, we win, we watch. You've heard this all our lives but what does it mean? I know "Why are you asking us this?" Well I just want to know your opinion. Well we love that means to me is that we love someone close but we let them go and we love someone else We lose to me that means when we lose we just don't get up and try again.Well I am saying that happens all the time which brings me to we won. Now this phrase can mean a lot of things like for instance we won the war or we won the lottery! To me though means that that person never gave up in what they believed in not matter what the cost. I know this speech or opinion so far is stupid but who is to hold your opinion? Certainly not me. Well last one is we watch. To me that means that we all watch the days go by without adding some pi-zap to it. All we do day after day is get up, get dressed, and watch everyone and everything getting old and disease to live any more. Now I do believe that everything has a purpose but they or it has to find it themselves not relying

on everyone and everything else. In other words live, love, learn, and joke every once and a while. Take your dreams and grip them by the handle, pull, then drag them with you.

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