Baby Sister

January 25, 2012
By kelly constant BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
kelly constant BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Don’t get me wrong, I love being the youngest and only girl, but it’d be nice if I had grown up watching Princesses not Power Rangers.

There are studies saying that the order of birth has an impact on personality. The youngest personality is usually along the lines of spoiled, self-centered, wanting to out do her siblings, and dependent on parents. I’d like to think I’m not like this at all, but I probably do have a little of those qualities. To this day there’s nothing I like more than to “beat” my older brothers out. I probably like to do this because as the youngest I feel like I’m always competing with them. Seeing as my brothers are 5 and 3 years older and a good 7 inches taller than me I guess I always will be in their shadow, at least literally. I don’t resent it just motivates me to be better. For instance, we always compare grades and sports and other things. We really are proud of each other we’re just competitive. When I was little there was no one I looked up to more than my brothers. In fact when my mom would put me in dresses and bows I’d rip them out saying “ but Peter and Daniel don’t have to!” While now I’d definitely take a purse over a video game, back then I wanted to be just like my brothers. To top it off I had two older cousins and my brother’s best friend was always over. So, essentially I grew up with all boys. Instead of playing house, we’d play with action figures or as we called it “guys” We spent hours playing action figures or watching movies together so, I can probably name all the Star Wars movies off the top off my head. A big impact that is related to growing up with all boys is that I get along with boys easily. I know how they “work” which can be an advantage. Another advantage I have from being the youngest is I get along with people well. When no one will play with you at age 5 because your being a brat it really sticks with you. You learn to go with the flow or be totally left out. I’m happy I learned these lessons at a young age because some people go their entire lives without learning them.
When our childhoods ended we started drifting away. As we have gotten older we became closer seeing as we were all teenagers, but like any good thing high school ends and now they’re both in college. I miss them a lot but we are still close. Although when we were younger, my brothers pushed me around and teased me, but now they’re protective and helpful. They drive me places and help me out whenever I need it. I can always count on them. While I’ll always want to out do them I love them so much and wouldn’t be me without them. I wouldn’t know all the characters in Lord of the Rings or how many yards Peyton Manning threw in his last game. Although some of the things I’ve learned from having brothers I could go with knowing, I don’t think I would know what to do if they weren’t in my life. They have truly made a huge impact on my life. So, I guess I’m happy being the selfish, bratty, motivated little sister because I have such amazing brothers to lean on. I wouldn’t trade being the “baby” for anything.

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