A Life Experience at Culver (A Leap To the Extraordinary)

January 17, 2008
By Eduardo Samayoa, CUulver, IN

My name is Eduardo and I was born in Guatemala City, Central America 1990. My Pre-School, Middle-School and my freshman’s year of high-school were completed in Guatemala. I am the youngest member of a large where all my older brothers and sister complete school in Guatemala; then, my life took a different path. The last three years of my high school life has been quite an experience, do to the fact that I choose to go away from home to one of the best military high schools in the country, Culver Military Academy, in Indiana. Indeed, things changed from the start. For example, the reveille at Culver means waking up every day with the firing of cannon shot into a beautiful lake. This is not the average school-way to wake up and go to class. The military system has changed me for the better of my attitudes and views with regard to leadership and responsibilities. I now have a military position rank and abide to close guidance to values held high at Culver. Also, the opportunity of being a leader in charge of other fellow students and held accountable for their behavior and actions, has made me a more responsible and wholesome person. Culver’s unique military experience gives you the opportunity to lead your friends and peers, guided by the motto “By Example”. Furthermore, in the academic scope, the school gave me a great opportunity to expand my learning abilities and skills, do to its great facilities and closed teacher-student relationship. Finally, Culver embodies a large international body of students that gave me a particular insight and understanding of the many cultures of the world. I am very grateful to have had such an experience and I hope to implement many of these learned skills, attributes and lessons of life in my forthcoming college years.

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