When Freedom Becomes Oppression

January 20, 2012
By Anonymous

One group’s freedom may be another group’s oppression. We give some groups so much freedom to step into others peoples’ lives, that they can surround funeral or other private gatherings and mute them out. They then proceed to invade that group’s privacy and hurtle verbal bullets in rapid-fire sequence destroying other peoples’ mind, while effectively silencing them out in outcries. This destroys one’s inner ability to communicate, and to be heard by the public effectively silencing some to the point that they might as well not exist. In extreme cases, they are even forced to work for their oppressor to reduce the burden of their oppressor (the most extreme being slavery.) This is when freedom turns to oppression.

Examples of this can be found everywhere. You walk around, see and hear all the radical opinions, but hear very few moderate opinions. Politicians not speaking for the common folks, magazines talking about controversial, but exciting health ideas that most of the scientific community disagrees with. Religious radical terrorist instead of the moderate population of that religion, who has heard of a non-terrorist Muslim group? This has even bred a new type of court cases, where the goal is to hurt someone’s image without logical reason, just for fame and radicalization. Studies have shown more and more radical or controversial scientific studies have been published in non-academic works compared to the more likely, non-controversial, but not as exciting counterparts. These ideas infect the minds of people giving them wrong ideas of medical disorders, gay people, and other minorities who causes us to immediately think of that group as terrorist, border-crossers, stupid, desperate, cheaters, etc. This hurts a large fraction of minorities from different races, religions, medical disorders, sexuality, etc by oppressing them, which effectively silences their voices. Whenever one group voice is silenced we lose something. Who knows, maybe the next Albert Einstein is a dyslexic, ADHD, Muslim gay Hispanic? The most brilliant minds and famous people in history were all oddballs, most of them having multiple brain disorders; lets try not to silence future ones. They could save your life through a medical discovery.

Still, too much control is always oppression. The trick is to take the middle ground and to preserve peoples privacy. One simple and effective way is to increase peoples’ privacy around their house, at funerals, and at other private or solemn events. This gives people a place to escape oppression, relax, and express themselves while giving everyone the freedom of expression. Another way is to keep court cases more private before the verdict has been filed unless it is a public safety matter. This stops court cases for fame and the false media from getting a hold on a person, while still letting the truth out and securing public safety. Also, stricter libel laws should be put into place to stop verbal harassment, bullying, and to make them show more details on the opposing side of an controversial topic making it less one sided. Together they form synergy that strengthens each other, but I firmly believe education should be our strongest weapon against this form of oppression. Education lifts us up from the muddled hypnotic haze of lies and brings us to summit of justice and righteousness, where if we open our eye through imagination, knowledge, and ethics we can see it all.

Lastly, you are the only one who can change you. Please watch what you say, act with fairness, educate yourself, and try to educate others in the way of facts.

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