January 16, 2008
Osama Bin laden,Saddam Hussain and many others are violence personified.In order to achieve their goals they plant bombs,hijack planes(the 9/11 incident)and kill.In the process innocent people end up getting hurt.

One cause for terrorism is religion.But does religion teach us to kill?No it does not.The vedas tell us to be tolerant and respect all beings.Jesus said"Love thy enemies".Islam preaches about prayer and self control.In short all religions talk about peace.Terrorists, in order to gather more support use religion as a medium to implant violent ideas into the minds of the youth.These young people transfer the same ideas into the minds of their friends.Misled by wrong ideas it results in them going on a rampage,mindlessly killing innocent people.There is also one more reason for all this.In countries torn by war,the children lose their family,friends,education,in fact everything.They are filled with despair and hate which intensifies as they grow older.They are left feeling lonely,depressed and sad.As a result they become vulnerable to all violent ideas and activities.

We must annihilate all this violence and bloodshed.Math,history, geography and science are not the only things to be taught.Children must be taught tolerance,towards religion,race and most importantly the people around them.Given below is one of my favourite quotations that I have read.
"Hatred never ceases by hatred.By love alone they cease.This is an ancient law."

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