January 15, 2008
By nina davis, Tularosa, NM

Who ever said that you can’t fall in love with a person off the computer and is in a different country? Well, more like Canada, but it’s still pretty far from where I live. It’s hard to believe. I thought at first that it was pretty dumb. You could never have a real relationship with that person. There’s no physical contact whatsoever. But it happened. We met, which is gonna sound really dumb, on a chat room. First we just talked and got to know each other, but like a lot of friendships they turn into relations. We swapped pics. and info. I found out that his name was Zach and that he lives in Canada. He’s half Jamaican, a quarter Irish, an a quarter French. Isn’t that awesome? He’s seventeen and is a senior. Later on in the relation we swapped numbers too. We started to call each other. We got to know each other even better. He has a brother that’s 21. He works as a tour guide at their lighthouse. Which is awesome I think. And he gave me a HUGE surprise. He told me that he was thinking about saving his money to come down and see me. I was so shocked. I kept saying that “you lie” “there’s no way” and he always told me yeah I’m serious, but that he was thinking about it. He wasn’t exactly sure but it was still sweet. He even told me that if he did get the money that he would either use it to come down here or give it to me to go up there. I nearly cried. I even told him that and he said that if I did then he’d cry too. I know, a little sappy, but I love it.
He’s such a nerd though. (He said it not me.) One time I called him and he was eating chocolate and playing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game. It was hilarious. But some how he turned it all romantic like. He said that if I was with him that I’d be laying in bed with him and watching him play video games. Then he’d lean over and kiss me. Then he said that it would be a good thing then that his mom wasn’t home. (who is very nice by the way because I’ve talked to her before.) But makes you think a little. Wink wink. I should probably be quiet now. He’s so defensive about the relationship though sometimes. I have a myspace an I guess you can say I’m a lil emoish. But I have a pic. on there that says “I love <3 emo boys.” So he messaged me on there saying “I’m not emo. So you don’t love me anymore? Cause I love you.” It’s a lil annoying sometimes when he does that but it makes me sad too. It makes me think why he says that kind of stuff, but I kinda realized or guessed that he’s worried that he’ll loose me to some other person. Which is a lil dumb because where I live I’m not real interested in the guys. They’re wanna be gangsters and horny people. Sorry if that last one was a bit much. But yeah. There’s maybe a small hand full of people that I’d actually consider dating.
I know exactly what your thinking by now. Why don’t you dump him and date a actual guy that’s in your area and from that small handful that your interested in. Well, it’s not that simple. I’ve grown attached to him I guess you can say. If I did dump him than I’d end up hurting myself and him. I could never live with that. Plus, I’m pretty sure that I love him and that he feels the same way. At least he tells me that. So other than that standing in my way I could but even if I could I wouldn’t. I care to much about him. Every time I talk to him on his facebook he always tells me that when he says he loves me that he means it. I always feel so giddy inside when he tells me that. Lately he even sang to me (not very well I may add. Hahaha.) and quoted poetry for the second time. The song he wrote but the poem was his friends. She’s really good at writing too by the way. It was so romantic. I nearly cried for the second time that day. Then he made me tell my friend Dakota, who was over, that I was with him because I hadn’t told anyone else other than my sister who is only twelve but it is really cool though. I asked him why and he said that it was important to him. That suckered me in. But it was a good thing that it was her or else I wouldn’t have told anyone else. She’s the only one that I could tell and she’d understand and except it. So yeah I told her and she poked a little fun at him about the accent that Canadians are supposed to have. He didn’t like that too much but I guess he got over it. So, I suppose I’m done finally. So…… you can’t possibly tell me that you can’t find love in a different country or over the computer or both. But, that’s your decision and opinion to make.

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Bichara BRONZE said...
on May. 13 2009 at 4:49 pm
Bichara BRONZE, Monterrey, Other
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OMG! I CAN TOTALLY RELATS! 3 years later and were still going at it :) my guys canadien too!

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