School Uniforms, NOT!

January 15, 2008
By Ally Wall, North Vernon, IN

I am completley against school uniforms and dress codes. I mean can you imagine walking into a school where every student looks identical? Some schools have even gone as far as taking out the latest trends. One example of this is at my sister's old school they were not allowed to wear "SNOWMAN" shirts which was the latest rapper. This is just one of the many harsh things that schools have done.
One of the reasons that most people would be for the uniforms is that it might drop school bullying rates.
But one of the biggest fights against it is that the parents won't have any control over what their child wears. Parents are going to want to have a say in what their kids wear to school each day. Plus the school board is not going to want to vote for something that the townspeople agree on.
Another part to this subject is the freedom of expression act. I love to wear something different each day. One day I might decide to look nice and dress up a little bit or the next day I may want to just wear something comfortable and relaxing. I dont like the fact that i will have to have someone else tell me what to wear that is going to always look the same.
If you are with me on this subject, then take a stand. Go against school uniforms and dress codes. Dont let the school tell you what to wear.

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