My Favorite Place

January 22, 2008
By Cassie Sun, San Diego, CA

My favorite place is in Hollywood where stars are born. Believe it or not celebrities are just like us. They all started out the same way we did, a normal person with a dream. Hollywood is where they turned their dream into opportunity, and opportunity into what they are now. The chances of having a star being born in Hollywood are about twice as likely as anywhere else. I glare up at the enormous Hollywood sign located on LA’s highest hill. The sign always gives me hope, and the aspiration to be famous.

I enjoy walking down the crowded streets of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As I sit next to the star of my favorite Hollywood actor, I wonder how good it would be to be just like him. How lovely would it be to live in the one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hollywood! I also wonder how it would feel to live in the spotlight all the time! Would it be a wonderful feeling, or would it be agitating? Hollywood gives me the chance to explore my feelings, and crystallize my mind from all my thoughts, wonders, and worries.

I also appreciate sitting in a luxurious seat in the empty extensive Kodak Theater. The thick walls block all the sound, so the only thing that breaks the silence is my very own breath. The quiescence makes me feel like the only living sole is Hollywood. I question myself if Hollywood is the land of opportunity, then where is my opportunity? When will I get the chance to become a distinguished actress? I also ask myself when I will walk on the red carpet with all the other celebrities around the world that arrive at this theater in Hollywood with hopes of winning the Oscar. I image myself striding along the lengthy stage. In a matter of seconds, I would have the highest award any Hollywood actress can acquire in my hands. The Kodak Theater in Hollywood gives me a chance to question all the things I may accomplish and explore my opportunities.

Hollywood is the land of opportunity for anyone in hopes of making it into the entertainment industry. Hollywood can give anyone hope, desire, joy, and love. Hollywood is always the first place in my heart, and that is why my favorite place in the world is Hollywood.

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