The Art to Artistry

January 14, 2008
To apply the last brush stroke to a painting there has to be a certain degree of bravery that accompanies the act. Thinking back to when you first started, you can’t imagine actually finishing the project, and doing it well, at that. To apply the last chords of a concerto that you composed yourself, takes some sort of faith, in yourself and in the piece. Hoping that one day, you composition will be played in front of hundreds, if not thousands, and be approved of. There are many ways to end a fine project, but it is up to the artist to determine that finishing line or stroke. That last finesse that will make your work irresistible to the public and most importantly you.

As the decades have changed, the idea of art has gradually evolved into a life style that is very unique in every society on Earth. To be an artist is to extend your mind and soul out across your subject and to hope that in the end, you deem it worthy to share with the rest of the world. There are many people out there an with different taste in art who also choose to embellish their own style upon the art community, but whether they like what you have created, doesn’t really matter. Sure, you get some sort of recognition for creating something that many people commonly like, but there is no failure in the art world, especially in this day and age. We have reached a point in human culture, as a whole, where being unique is not hated, but rather, envied.

People can disagree with your personal style as much as they want, but it’s never pure hated for what you do, because there is no such thing. They look upon your art work with slight jealousy because you can do things and use your skills to express your emotions on a different level than they can. Really, there is no such thing as bad art, it all depends on how much YOU as the artist loves it and how much effort they put into it.

I am a musician and writer. I compose musical pieces, poetry and books, that is my skill and my emotions and life experiences have helped me to produce different works that I both love and hate. People have read my work and called it garbage, but that doesn’t make me any less talented as an artist. I have performed pieces that I have composed, but I never look upon what I sacrificed my sweat and tears over, as unworthy. Everything that I have created is beautiful on its own level, and that same thing applies to everyone who has ever created something unique and that they love.

Another thing that really bugs me is when people say that, to be an artist, you have to be able to draw or to paint or something along those lines. Art is what a person holds near and dear to their heart. It’s not a creation of the media or even the artist’s parents. Art is an extension of the soul, if I am allowed to be so cliché. Art is the artistry of who ever discovers that they have talent in one area that excels over everything else that they can do. To be an artist, is to be unique. To be an artist is to finally sit down and work on something that makes you happy.

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