Why I Like To Go To Library?

January 13, 2008
By Grace Huang, Herndon, VA

This might be a very old topic, and everyone may have the similar opinions of why we like to go to library. I hope to offer my own version of opinions and wish it may have some unique perspective.

I just became 10 years old one month ago, and I am in 4th grade at Floris Elementary School here in Virginia. For me, going to library every Sunday with my brother and my parents is a family ritual.

At very beginning, when I was only about three or four years old, I did not really like go to library. I felt there was no toy to play and I have to be quite all the time.

Gradually, I don’t know when it happened; I liked to go to library. There are so many great books to read. I have read most of <> books. They are all so funny, and full of imagination. Then I read many other books series as I grow. It is not the purposes of this article to list all books I have read. Let me say that my favorites are <> and <>. There are full of adventure, imagination, humor, humanity and magic in both book series.

I like to go to library because my daddy said that it is free since we pay the real estate tax. We can borrow up to 50 books. We can keep the book at home for up to three weeks. If we want to keep the book longer, I can just renew it on line use my mommy’s computer.

I like to go to library because we can borrow some very good kids Audio books. We recently had a vacation. We drove from Virginia to Miami (my daddy and mommy took turn to drive. I am too little to drive). It took us about 20 hours to get to Miami. Luckily, we listened the audio books we borrowed from Library during most of the trip except when we have to stop or take a nap in the car. My seven year old young brother and I are so much into the audio books; we even did not fight with each other during the whole trip! We have listened my favorite Harry Potter audio book, George Washington's Socks, and several other audio books.

I like to go to library because we can borrow DVDs. We can keep DVD for only one week. But I manage to find the time to finish the DVDs before we have to return the next Sunday. There are lots of good DVD titles for the kids and for the family. Recently I borrowed Harry Potter, and my young brother borrowed Pokemon.

I like to go to Library because the staffs working in the library are very friendly and very helpful. If I have any questions, I can ask them. They are very patient, and explain things very well.

I like to go to library because I always meet some friends from my neighbors or from my school. We can talk a little bit, but then we need to focus on finding good books.

So, these are the reasons why I like to go to library. I hope you may find the similar reason as well as different reasons.

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