Making a Dream a Reality

January 13, 2008
By Jessica Jackson, Detroit, MI

If you want to see opportunity for success in the world of music or acting you either have to live in one or two places, New York or Los Angelas. Its hard to strive for something that you can barely reach. As a teen from Detroit I know what its like to see people waste their potential because they think its nothing out there for them. Not everybody wants to be a docoter or a lawyer or end up struggling. Some people my age thnk that what they want to do in life is near impossible because their is nothing out there for them to encourage them to go for there dreams. Adults say "go to school, get and education, you can be whatever you want to be" but how can you go for it when you have nobody or nothing to give you that push then it makes you want to give up. I beileve that somebody should do something to encourage the teens and give them more opportunity because all they will do is be out there doing something that their not suppose to be doing. So my opinion is to make more acting, writing, and music programs in places where they dont have any. Because if we dont't do something now then nobody in the future will.

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