January 11, 2008
By Tana Henrie, Delta, UT

Time is running out! All you hear is the orange sweaty ball bouncing on the glossy wood floor, the crowd is going wild. You square up shoot, and miss but your posts rebound the ball, and put it back up into the hole. Your coach yells time out to the referee, and you all run into the huddle up. The coach tells you the play that you’re going to run, and to hustle. We all stand up and give a yell. “DELTA”! Five of us run out on the floor and we are ready to play. Its fourth quarter and there is eight minutes on the clock. The referee blows his shiny whistle and we all scatter down the court. On defense, we are bending our knees, and we have our hands up. Our main goal is to keep the ball out of the key. The offence passes the ball around and then they get a shot, all the posts box out and grab the ball. The posts hand it to our guards and we run down the court as fast as we can go. Fifty minutes left, we run our play and it works perfectly, the crowd goes wild and we win the game sixty four to sixty three.

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