January 11, 2008
By Kim Bucher, Amity, OR

I've grown up in a time where music comes in MP3 not records or 8tracks, where movies were considered old if they were in black and whit, and you were poor ifyou didn't have a cell phone. Most people would say that was a good life but sometimes it seems like we are evolving way to fast.
I remember stories that my parents told me of when they were kids. They didnt have all the elevtronics we have, so they had to entertain them selves.
Some differences between then and now are, instead of emailing friends they wrote letters, instead of computer games they had bored games. It all sounds so fun and easy.
I want to be able to tell my kids how I did fun, creative things as a kid, but really having everything set out for me just takes my creativity away.
It wasn't that long ago when a school had ONE computer, rather then five per classroom, when lunch ladies actually cooked lunch instead of just heating it up in a microwave, and during recess kids played instead of texting and listening to IPODS.
So things are different but which was better? Having everyone plugged in or kids having creativity. I actually like having eletronics but when is enough, enough. Soo there won't be any such thing as creativity because robots will be taking over the world.

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