Uniforms Understood

January 10, 2008
By caroline jeannette, Wilmington, DE

I believe uniforms are a good and healthy choice for high schools around the world. They bring unity between each and every student in the school and make everyone feel equal to one another. The uniforms are as though an unspoken “connection” or union of the students.

I attend an all girl Catholic high school, so the whole wearing a uniform everyday is a pretty easy job for me. I don’t have to worry about picking my outfit out the night before or making sure my favorite shirt is washed. Or my personal favorite making sure another person isn’t going to wear my new pants on the same day as me.

Yes, there are bad things about a uniform policy, such as the regulations. The regulation of length can be a good thing though; everyone follows the rule so you look silly if your skirt is above your knee! Honestly who wants to be wearing a mini skirt all day in a school environment in those uncomfortable desks for six hours? Definitely not I.

Uniforms bring the students together as one. Everyone wearing the same thing causes no judgment upon one another in that manner. There are no insults on wearing the incorrect shirt with the wrong color pants or wearing a shirt that is a year out of style. No one has any room to talk because all they have to do is look in the mirror and see they are wearing the same thing you are.

Yes you might be thinking, well how do you express your individuality through the uniform everyone has? Well you can express yourself in jewelry, your hair, make-up, or even your nail color! If your personality is truly as unique as you want to express it you will find a way to embrace that through the uniform!

Uniforms bring a positive outlook and effect on schools and as wells as the students. It brings easiness to students such as comfort, self-confidence, and unity. I wish every person would get the experience of uniforms once in their lives.

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