We are their voice

January 17, 2012
By anonymous49 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
anonymous49 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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We are their voice
“Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way” – PeTA or People for Ethical Treatment of Animals

Speak for those who have no voice because they are helpless and need our help. About 3-4 million animals are eutenized yearly and they don’t deserve that.
Did you know that there are about 5-6 million shelters in the us and the majority of them are shelters that eutenize animals. If we keep building shelters that euthenize animals and “turn-away” shelters certain breeds of our own pets (cats and dogs to be exact) will start going extinct. Did you know that 6-8 million animals go into shelters yearly and only 2-4 million of them make it out alive (get adopted)? The other 4 million are euthenized or die because of how sick they are or how abused they were. These animals could be our own pets parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles but what do we care they’re just animals right they don’t have feelings they can’ feel pain and suffering and most definitely don’t care about being loved. For all of you who think that your wrong they do have feelings, they do feel pain and suffering, They do wonder why we do this to them, they can be our friends, they can seem like family, and they can love you but only if you love them. It doesn’t matter who has the food, it doesn’t matter if you take care of them, and if you don’t love them they won’t love you. So what’s the point in taking care of an animal you don’t love some people will say to breed or fight them for money well do you breed or fight people for money I don’t think so. Why do something to them that you wouldn’t do to people I mean they’re like us in a way they feel pain and suffering, they can be happy or sad, they can love, sometimes more than we can. They have feelings they’re not just animals they’re our pets, our friends, and our family. We cannot just sit be watching them be killed or destroyed. We cannot sit by and watch them become extinct.
This is why I think we should build a new shelter one that doesn’t euthenize animals or reject those they think won’t get adopted. We could have a few fundraisers ever year to raise money for it. I mean we have fundraisers for everything else doesn’t we. Then why not have one for this. They are part of us, we are part of them. They are there for us when we need them so why shouldn’t we be there for them.

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