We Can't Live Without Knowledge

December 20, 2011
By JacobHaddad GOLD, Lincoln, Rhode Island
JacobHaddad GOLD, Lincoln, Rhode Island
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In life, the acquisition of knowledge helps us in many ways. In a world without knowledge society couldn’t advance.
The advancement of society creates objects that help make life easier. For example, the invention of maps made it easier to know where different places are and how we can get to them. Also, the necessities in life like shelter, water, and food would not be provided without people knowing how to cook, build, or purify water. Often, extensive knowledge of the subject of one’s occupation is required to maintain satisfactory completion of the job. If the government took away knowledge, many jobs couldn’t be completed because no one could be taught how to complete these jobs. If different jobs couldn’t be completed, the society would decline and life would be harder for the average citizen because they now must provide for themselves. In the education profession, educators would lose their jobs without anything or anyone to teach.
Knowledge is very important to me because I enjoy learning, and I take pride in knowing different things. Also, I like to share my knowledge with others. For example, I am a den chief in my Boy Scout troop and I enjoy sharing my knowledge of Boy Scouts with the younger boys. Without knowledge, communication with other people wouldn’t have any value if we couldn’t share our ideas and knowledge, which is how we learn from one another and grow as a community. In church, I learn about God and it helps me grow as a Christian. Furthermore, I have fellowship with the other members in my church community as we learn about God together. In conclusion, society couldn’t be what it is today without knowledge.

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