Teen Independence

January 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Dear Fellow Teens:

Do you have overbearing or overprotective parents? Well you are not the only one. All across america teens and kids suffer from parents keeping them on a tight leash as to say. Not having enough freedom can seriously damage some teens social lives. A teen needs to be able to have a sense of independence in their life to feel secure. To some teens independence means a lot to them, and I think that some parents don’t allow their teens enough independence.

Independence also has to do with freedom. Some kids are not allowed to go anywhere alone, and the only thing their schedule includes is going to school, coming home, going to sleep, and repeating the process the next day. Parents tend to be afraid that their kids can get hurt or get into trouble if they go outside into the world, but if parents keep their kids in too much then they may never leave the house. Some might say that it is too dangerous in the world, but the best way for a teenager to learn lessons is through experience. I think think it is beneficial for teens to have freedom.

This can also stop them from having good friendships at school. Some might say that this is a good thing, because it helps them focus more on their school work. I argue that this can discourage them to not do their school work. Though they can still have friends at school some parents do not allow their teens to be around their friends outside of school. Some parents would say that this can only get them into trouble, but this is a good reason for parents to get their teens a phone. Phones allow teens to check in with their parents, and communicate better with their friends. Seeing friends outside of school can be a great things for teens to do.

Privacy is another issue between parents and their teenagers. Teens tend to enjoy relaxing by themselves in their own room. This also gives them a sense of independence through having their private room. It can also bother teens when their parents enter their rooms when they are not home. I know that my mom always goes in my room when I’m not home, and this has brought me to the point where I have asked multiple times to get a lock on my door. I know that this might be a little overboard for some parents, and that too much freedom can be a bad thing, but this is why parent need to communicate with their kids. Communicating with teens can keep them out of trouble, help stay in touch with their lives, and maybe even help them have the amount of freedom they deserve. Privacy is a major part of independence in teens.

As I have already stated, teens need independence in their lives whether they know it or not. One big problem with independence is parents not letting their teenagers have enough freedom. Having friends from school that they see outside of school is another thing that is beneficial for teenagers. Finally, teenagers need privacy in order to truly have independence. In my opinion teenagers need to have freedom.

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