I don't Believe in MySpace of Facebook

March 19, 2008
By Sacha Wilson, Cincinnati, OH

I don’t believe in Myspace and Facebook. I just don’t understand why it is so fun for people. Let’s sit at the computer for hours upon hours sending friends messages about a party or a concert you went to, when you could have just either called or texted them to tell about the experience. Oh, let’s add random cute guys to my friends’ list, so we can become more than just friends. And how about when people get excited about showing the world how cute their designs are for their page, boring! To me it’s a pointless cycle of a new way to waste time.
But hey, millions of people buy into this whole idea that their own individual Myspace or Facebook is so unique and cool that if you didn’t have one, you were lame. Instead they don’t realize that their apart of a connection of addicting behavior or even worse, a connection with the wrong person, who could whine up being a killer or rapist of some sort. I just don’t believe in Myspace or Facebook.

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