Dear Mr. President

April 9, 2008
By Aleks Korves, New York, NY

Dear Mr. President,
This is a notice about a group of terrorists of another kind.
Ones that only fight for oil,
And destroy the source for their own pleasure.
Kill their own country for their own needs.
Make the soil so furious, it literally heats with temper.
Is it global warming?
Or is it a global warning?
Are we truly going green,
Or still turning red despite our best efforts?
Even we as a species are affected.
Every seven minutes, 100 people are affected with some type
Of cancer.
Bad cancer.
Variations of cancer, like the one that took my mother.
Think of the world ten minutes from now…
Will it still be the same?
Or will we be engulfed in the fires burning
Worse than hell?
To every forest lost, there is a part of the world that
Is never to return the same.
To every death, there are four births.
This expansion is worse than we had hoped for.
Perhaps creation is not the answer.
Perhaps it’s truly time to press the refresh button.
All the signs are in the open, Mr. President, no matter
How ignorant you may want to act.
I am not writing this because I am a “new-age hippie.”
I am writing this because I want to see my children’s children
Grow in an environment where the casualties of war go from
3 every five minutes to none, and where respiratory infections
Decrease from 122 infected every 15 minutes to half that number.
Sir, without support from people like you, our future looks about as bright
As your narrow mind.
How much damage are you willing to stand?
How much pain are you willing to watch, of not just people but of your world?
Today, sir, it’s raining.
And I believe that these are the tears shed by those who came before us and see
The devastation that lies ahead on the path we have chosen.

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