Black Friday

January 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Black Friday; the biggest shopping day in America. Ben Johnson’s article, Pepper-spraying Black Friday Shopper Turns herself in. Woman who tried to gain upper hand on fellow consumers by attacking them, surrenders to authorities, explains one of the few incidents that happened on the Black Friday of 2011. On Friday, November 25, 2011, things got out of hand in a Los Angeles Wal-Mart. There was a special deal on Xbox game consoles, and in order to get one of these deals one lady did all she could; she sprayed people – waiting patiently – with pepper spray. She may face battery charges because she injured 20 people. This ordeal ended with the woman turning herself in to the authorities.
When it comes to shopping deals, people get too competitive. Everyone waits in hour-long lines in order to get the best deals on gifts. For some, this day is a way to shop with family and friends, and getting a deal on a product is not why they wait in hour-long lines. They just want to have fun. People are up at all hours with their friends shopping. Some don’t even buy anything: with the good deals nobody could pass up every product. Black Friday is about the whole experience, and they shouldn’t be afraid to shop because of the overly competitive buyers.
If someone really wants to get a certain deal they should be just like everyone else and get to the store early and wait in line. When people don’t wait in line and still expect people to let them skip, or save them the gift they want, they don’t deserve it. This doesn’t seem like the Christmas spirit to me. The gifts that of people that don’t wait in line and harm others for, do not have the true meaning of Christmas Giving gifts for Christmas should be about happiness and joy, not about cheating..
Everyone else is just as excited to go out and buy gifts. The people that are willing to harm others on Black Friday are going to ruin the experience for shoppers and people won’t want to go out anymore. If nobody wants to shop anymore, Black Friday will forever be ruined by the scheming people. The lady that used pepper spray to get the deal she wanted, ruined others’ experiences in the tradition of Black Friday.

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