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December 20, 2011
By Anonymous

When was the last time you gave thought as to why society holds texting so dear to its heart? Yes, texting provides an adequate form of communication, but why is it that society chooses to make it the number one choice? Every day the average cell phone user can spend hours going back and forth through unnecessary and artificial conversation. Yet until just recently no one had taken the time to consider all of the possibilities.
Although it allows contact with others, texting has its negatives. Consider the various ways that miscommunication occurs through the communication technique society relies so heavily on. Perhaps you never received a response to an important question you needed answered. It’s very possible that YOU forgot to respond to a question someone else needed answered. Maybe you didn’t see that someone contacted you until hours later. I wouldn’t rule out that you could have completely misinterpreted someone’s comment. When you take time to closely analyze texting, you begin to wonder if there is something better to be had.
Compare texting to an actual conversation between you and a friend. It’s not possible for you to have the same interaction over the phone as it is in person. Sarcasm. While obvious in face-to-face conversation, sarcasm is nearly impossible to decipher through text: unless you choose to use “JK” as a symbol of a joke. When you think about it, that phrase hasn’t claimed much popularity since first purposed. Neither has “LOL” or “OMG” for that matter. Honestly, most people have no idea what these abbreviations mean. Yet people create new phrases through text every single day. They then expect you to unwillingly know the meaning. “ISOSIYAM,” (It’s sort of strange if you ask me.) Of course you knew what I was communicating without an explanation. Right?
Don’t worry. It is now possible to avoid texting all together. Studies at the Freedman Institute of Technology in Smithdale, NC, have created a revolutionary advancement in sound wave engineering. Freedman scientists have made it possible to transfer vocal frequencies through the air by utilizing radio modulation to send sound waves from one location, through a cellular transmitting tower, and returning them back to another location. The term being used to identify for this process has thus far only been described as a “call.” Imagine the strides that calling will place on cellular communication! Imagine the ability to do more than text on a cell phone! Imagine simulating an actual conversation! Imagine dialing someone’s phone number and then talk to them through your phone!
Once call services are provided to the public, texting will cease to exist. There will be no need or desire to text after you are able to have a real conversation with someone without them being present. Why would you even want to text when you are able to actually hear the voice of the person you are communicating with? Think of the benefits audibility provides when partaking in a conversation. Within a text taking a comment out of context would be much easier than if you were engaging in a live conversation. Another aspect to consider is that once these newly improved cell phones are released, no one will ever have to wait for a response to a question. The questioner will be talking directly to the questioned in real time! This allows the questioned to provide an immediate response. No more waiting for your pocket to vibrate. Also, you will never be ignored or forgotten. If you get no response when trying to communicate with someone, you will know that there are a few select reasons as to what’s happening.

1- The person you are trying to contact is in some way unable to answer their phone (not on their person, turned off, currently in a conversation).
2- The person you are trying to contact is ignoring your request because they do not wish to talk to you.

With the creation of this new technology within cell phones there will be no more confusion caused by the variables that affect when people respond via text. Just think of how much easier it will be to communicate with friends, family, business partners, etc. once we have the convenience of talking through our phones and don’t possess the inconvenience of texting. The only way I can think to respond to this information…


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