Roller coaster

December 6, 2011
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a roller coaster is a ride that most people enjoy. so can it be said that these people enjoy the ups and downs in life? so what does that mean about the people who close their eyes and scream? does that mean they do not enjoy the things life throughs at them? People who are afraid of roller coasters are scared to take chances and do things outside of their comfort zone. these people are scared to show how they really feel or to show even the slightest emotions. but these people do not hate life. these are the people who need love and care form their peers. they need a "roller coaster enthusiast" to guide them through life. to hold their hand and make them less afraid of life. But the hardest thing for a person scared of "roller coasters" is to find a person to support them. they have trouble interacting with others because they have ben hurt before. their secrets have ben shared and people have forgotten who they are. these people though have not always been this way. they used to be the "enthusiast". they used to love life and only the bigger things in life were frightening. but other people have changed this making these people scared of feeling and emotion. They have expressed their true selves and have been laughed at or ignored because of it. they have opened their heart to love just to be shut down when the other person admits they never loved them. so why when things go wrong the people who are scared beat themselves up about it? when the real culprit is the "roller coaster enthusiast". the people who are scared can not see that they are not the one to blame. these people are scared to "fight back", they are the stereo typical "push over" and can not say no. so how does a person re-gain their enthusiasm? they do this by finding a person who makes them smile, who can make even the worst of days good again. to find some one they feel safe opening up to. a person they can trust with their inner most thoughts. but doing this is a task among its self. because when a person disappoints the "scared" they have to start back at square one. this is a vicious cycle in witch at some point ceases and one can enjoy life. but until then one has to endure rejection and limited interactions. The sad thing is that i am an scared roller coaster rider. i know how to break the cycle but do not take the chance because im scared that it will start over again. i need to find my enthusiast and you may say i will but no one wants a combat boot bride.

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