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Can It Affect Me?

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Can It Affect Me?
Drugs are like a siren’s song. Once you hear the song you are forced to do as it bids. Just like the boats and men who have lost their life in this tale, drugs can have a similar outcome. It has also been said that drugs “alters normal bodily function” (Wikipedia). Drugs cause people to lose the life they had because it corrupts health, ruins relationships, and changes people.

Drugs, needless to say endanger a person’s heath. A once healthy body can become haggard. The bright intellectual eyes are transformed into dull red orbs. Shaking and paranoia can take hold of a person. Weight is lost and the need to be clean can disappear. There can be a transfer of diseases from dirty needles. The body can also look older and unkempt then it is supposed to be. With the help of drugs a body can deteriorate, and becomes ugly and virtually useless. There is also the fact that it becomes addicting, some now the body craves the thing that is killing it. Ironic isn’t it, that the body can want something that is killing it yet that is not uncommon. All types of drugs can be harmful and cause the body to do things it was not suppose to do. Drugs do not have to be street drugs or from a guy in a dark alley. Prescription drug, when abused can have same effects.

Not only do drugs corrupt your health, they also ruin relationships. The need to have drugs can be so overwhelming that loved ones can be pushed away. Parents have replayed the question “where did we go wrong?” in their heads. The person that you love is torn between a life of darkness or to be without you. A drug user can even pull friends into using. The need to get high will always be on their mind rather than important things. A drug user hurts the people around them by pushing their emotional buttons. They are torn into pieces because they have no idea how to help.

A person can have it all and still think they are missing something. People do not have to tell you they are on drugs. The change itself can be noticed. Money may disappear, rooms never left, and plates at the dinner table uneaten. Drug users can have mood swings and become defensive at every turn. They can deny that there is anything wrong with them. They become drawn inside themselves, and push any conversation to the side. Any interest they had before becomes lost inside the dark shadows that corner their minds. A person on drugs can cut off all connections to reality; they muse in a fantasy world. Everyone they had associated with before are pushed behind their need to satisfy their cravings and addiction.

Drugs are a lithe weapon because it can corrupt heath, ruin relationships, and change people. It is best to keep them out of your life. It is also for the best to never fall under temptation of drugs. Always think about the life that will proceed.

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