Discirminating our next generation

October 21, 2011
By Anonymous

Homosexuals should be treated the same as any other heterosexual.
Every single person in our country has the right to love who they want.
Homosexuals and heterosexuals need to live in peace with each other.
They should be allowed marriage, adoption, and walking down the street with their heads held high proud to be gay.

Teachers and school administers should be keeping a watching eye over the students more.
I mean I thought bullying was against the law?
There are so many kids in schools discriminating homosexuals.
I am sure you have walked down the hall in school and saw the same bully bullying the same people everyday.
So if teachers see something going on they should report it right away!

To fix the problem with our country not accepting the gays we need to just get over ourselves!
Most people’s problem is that it’s against their religion or they just don’t agree with it.
If people keep acting like this they are going to destroy the gays!
We really just need to get over ourselves!
I mean come on guys let be adults about this.

Our suicide issue need’s to be gone immediately!
It is killing our nation.
A long time ago a man named Abraham Lincoln said “united we stand divided we fall” which is so true.
If we keep it up pretty soon the homosexuals will go extinct.

If we keep discriminating we our going to all fall.
We need to stick together even through our nations differences.
We don’t just need to stop discriminating homosexuals.
This goes for any kind of discriminating.
Homosexuals should be treated the same as any heterosexual.

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