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October 21, 2011
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I believe art through the internet is better than art through museums by being free to everyone, showing more than one kind of art, and being more accessible in general.

Art through internet sites are free to the public. Some museums will make you buy tickets to see some or all of their artwork on display. You may say, “Well, they have to do that so the artists get paid and the museum has money.” There’s a way for artists and staff to get paid on the internet as well that doesn’t require the same fees. As artists, on certain websites, you’re able to set up commissions. You can also have specific works of art available for prints. Then, a certain percentage of that goes towards the site itself, as well as advertisements. You can’t get prints through a museum; you can’t commission artists through a museum.

But visual art isn’t the only kind of art out there. Museums only showcase traditional pieces of artwork. Internet sites can showcase traditional and digital works of art, photographs, and even writing. This makes what you want to see or read easier to find, and what you want to show the world easier to show.

Not only is it being free to see better than museums, but it’s right there in your home, making it far more accessible than museums. Most households today have some way of making it on to the internet, meaning you don’t have to drive anywhere to view art. To view art in museums, you have to drive, or sometimes even fly to see specific works. If you’ve heard of the Louvre, you know it’s a museum in France. You’d need to get on an airplane to a foreign country you’ve quite likely never been to before and are unfamiliar with, and spend who knows how much money, and look at art that could have just as easily been under your fingertips at home.

Art through internet sites is free, more open for different types of art, and easier to find, making art through the internet a better choice than art museums.

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