Love Is Love

October 21, 2011
By Skittles13 BRONZE, Nicholasville, Kentucky
Skittles13 BRONZE, Nicholasville, Kentucky
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Love Is Love. (Point of view)

Same sex marriage being illegal in Kentucky is a really stupid idea. Everyone, even the homosexuals, is equal. People love who they love, no one has the right to say any different. Not to mention the fact that same sex marriage promotes adoption.

Everyone’s equal. That’s what everyone’s always saying. But when same sex marriage is illegal, that means not everyone is being treated equally. It’s like people are trying to say it’s wrong for people to be happy. Their pretty much saying if you’re gay, lesbian, or even bi-sexual, like myself, then we’re below all of those “straight,” or heterosexual people. So, just because we want to be with someone of the same sex, we automatically get treated like circus freaks.

People will love who they love, no one can stop us. But think about it. Everyone supposedly has the same rights? No. That’s not true. In Kentucky, teenagers mostly, but also adults, and even some of the younger children, are being bullied, beaten, and some even commit suicide, all due to the fact that we don’t have the “right” to love someone of the same sex.

Gay couples promote adoption as well. Gay couples are more likely to adopt a child, than a straight couple, due to the fact that gay couples cannot have children of their own. Adopting children means you could be saving a child from some very bad situations. Such as, abuse, malnutrition, and so many more things.

Don’t you see that same sex marriage being illegal is doing nothing but hurting people? More and more people are suffering all because of same sex marriage being illegal. And the really sad thing is, its not only the homosexuals suffering anymore.

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on Oct. 27 2011 at 10:02 am
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hotrod757 said...
on Oct. 26 2011 at 9:08 am
its ur live do wat u want with it


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