Parents Have a Huge Affect on Their Kids

October 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Parents may not know it, but they strongly influence their kids. Unsupportive parents’ attitudes toward things have a direct reflection onto their kids; the same goes for supportive parents. I notice in school and out in public places, parents being unsupportive. I see kids doing things they shouldn’t be doing or touching something with their parent is right next to them. Parents need to be more supportive and disciplined in raising their kids.

Supportive parents tend to have strong effects on their children’s education. A study by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) proved that a supportive attitude and good communication by parents does improve the child’s motivation and grades. Parents are encouraged to ask their children when and where they are going to finish their work. This makes their kids motivated and gets their work accomplished.

Parents need to have self-evaluations. They should ask themselves what their motivations are and what their attitudes are about raising their kids. Parents should do this before they try to help their child out. Parents need to be involved in their kid’s life, and not out of the loop.

Unsupportive parents usually cause their kids to not care about things. They do not motivate their kids and the kids end up staying up too late, not caring, and not getting as good of grades as they could be earning if they has support. They lose interest in school and sometimes their hobbies. Also, divorces may distract the kids and the parents. Divorces sidetrack parents, and make kids depressed. Divorces may not be avoidable, but parents should not let them get in the way of raising their children.

This issue of being unsupportive can be resolved. Parents need to be more involved in their child’s life. For example, parents should ask them how their day was and if they have any homework. Also, parents should motivate their kids to finish their work. I feel strongly about this topic because I witness examples of this issue every day. Parents need to discipline and give their kids boundaries when it’s necessary in order to be good parents. Parents are a major reason why kids do so well in school or fail.

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